Filmchief Checkpoint


This article describes how you can use Checkpoint to scan QR codes, to keep track of admissions and to quickly pull up a guest’s timeline.


The Checkpoint module is only available to festivals with a Premium Filmchief license.

At this time, no special roles are required to use Checkpoint.

Getting started

Checkpoint is optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), but a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam works fine too.


To access Checkpoint on your mobile device, you need to use either Safari (iOS; iPhone/iPad) or Chrome (Android). For the best possible experience, make sure that the app is up-to-date.

Open your browser and type in the address bar.

Checkpoint will start immediately after signing in.

Tip: On Android, you can add Checkpoint to your Home screen for quicker access and a more app-like experience. (On iOS, this won’t work due to camera access restrictions.)


Sign in on Filmchief and click on the icon in the top navigation bar.

Scanning QR codes

You can immediately start scanning QR codes as soon as Checkpoint has started. In the top bar, you can toggle sound and flashlight (if your device has one). Any QR code that belongs to the current festival edition is recognized.

By scanning a viewing QR code, you will see the title, start/end time and location of that viewing. If the show is about to start, Checkpoint will tell you exactly how much time is left before the doors should close. If the show won’t start in less than an hour, has already started or has already ended, you will see a warning notification.

Tap on Scan admissions to start checking in guests for that viewing.

By scanning an accreditation QR code (i.e. a festival badge):

  • While scanning admisssions, the guest will be checked in;
  • Otherwise, the guest's personal timeline will appear.

All check-in guests are counted in Filmchief. At the Viewing details page, you will find a field named Number of checked-in guests. You can also select this column in a viewing list.

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