Filmchief Manual

External film verification


This article describes how to use the External film verification module. When this module is enabled, festivals can allow selected filmmakers to verify, modify and complete details of their submitted films.


The External film verification module is available to festivals with a Standard or Premium Filmchief license.

By default, if you have permission to edit film details, you are also permitted to manage a film’s Verification status.

How it works

To allow a film submitter (or a film’s primary contact) verify and complete their flim’s details, look for the Verification status field on the film page. This field can have one of the following values:

  • Closed (default) — the film cannot be verified/edited by the submitter or primary contact
  • Open for external verification — the film is expected to be verified/edited by the submitter or primary contact
  • Please review corrections — the submitter or primary contact has suggested one or more corrections to the film, which need to be reviewed
  • Verified — the submitter or primary contact has verified and completed the film details

In the Portal, films that are Open for external verification are displayed like this:

Another love story - please verify this film's details

If the film submitter opens the film, he or she can edit any property of the film. But instead of overwriting existing data, corrections are saved as suggestions, which the festival can decide to accept or dismiss.

When done, the film submitter can click Finish to confirm that all film details have been verified and completed:

Please review each detail of your film, and make corrections if needed. When you’re done, please click Finish.

When Finish has been clicked, the film’s Verification status is changed to either Please review corrections or Verified, based on whether any corrections were made.

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