Tracking changes


Especially when the festival kick-off date is approaching, changes to data may require your attention. The Change Tracker module is an easy-to-use tool to keep track of all changes that occur in particular columns.

Using the change tracker

When editing a field, look for the / icon. To start/stop tracking changes for that field, just click on the icon.

Note: Currently, only text and numeric fields are supported.

Whenever someone edits a column that is being tracked by you, you will be notified about it in the top navigation bar (look for the notification icon). By clicking on the notification icon, a page opens that lists all currently tracked changes, as well as all active and inactive trackers that you created.

Click on the link under Reference of a tracked change to open the corresponding details page. The field that contains the changed value will be highlighted in orange. Hover your mouse pointer above the highlighted label to discover more details about the tracked change:

  • Previous value
  • Who changed it
  • How long ago

If you are no longer interested in the tracked change, you may choose to Dismiss it, or Stop tracking the column altogether.

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