Working with lists

What is a list?

A list is a collection of items of any type (such as films, contacts, organizations, reviews, viewings, and so on) that you can share with others or use privately. A list can be either dynamic or static.

A dynamic list contains items that meet certain criteria. For example, you may create a list of films submitted for the upcoming event from a specific country. When a new film is submitted that matches these criteria, it will appear in the list.

A static list contains only manually selected items.

Filmchief also has numerous built-in lists (Call for entry submissions, for example), which may serve as a starting point for creating your own lists.

Example uses

Here are some ways to use lists:

Dynamic lists

  • Select submitted films with positive ratings (to consider for selection)
  • Select films within a certain genre or theme (for a special theme program)

Static lists

  • Create a short list of favorites for a certain program
  • Keep a list of reviews that you'd like to discuss with the reviewer

Creating new lists

Dynamic list

There are a couple of ways to create a new dynamic list:

  • Based on an existing list

    If you are working with a list, click on the icon above to save the current list settings as a new dynamic list. The following aspects are saved:

    • Applied filters
    • Sort order
    • Which columns are shown (and in which order)
    • Number of items per page
    • Appearance (table or tiles)

    Check Create a copy in the dialog window that appears.

  • Create an unfiltered list

    If you want to start with a completely unfiltered list, go to the My lists page and click on the New button. Uncheck Start with an empty list.

Static list

There are a couple of ways to create a new static list:

  • Start with an empty list

    Go to the My lists page and click on the New button. Leave Start with an empty list checked.

  • From selected items in a list

    If you are working with a list, select which items you want to put in a list and click on the List dropdown button above the table. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on the New list… item.

  • From a detail page

    If you are on a detail page, locate the List dropdown button and click on it. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on the New list… item.

Customizing your list

Use the filters on the left-hand panel to narrow down the list. To control which columns and filters are shown in a list, look for this button:

Edit list settings button

The dialog window that appears is organized in four tabs:

  • Columns – change the visibility of columns
  • Column order – reorder columns
  • Filters – control which filters are available on the Filters panel
  • Filter order – reorder the filters on the Filters panel

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the list, you can save it, and optionally share it.

Saving and sharing your list

Click this button to save your list, and optionally share it with your colleagues:

Save list button

In the dialog window that appears, you can enter the following details:

  • Name – the name of the list.
  • Description – description of the list. If you are sharing this list with your team, it is important to write a clear description of the list: its purpose, how and when to use it.
  • Share this list with – select roles and/or users who can access this list. All people you share the list with will receive a notification message.
  • Show on home page? – check to show the list on your Filmchief home page

Exporting data

Any list can be exported to Excel, CSV or tab-separated text files. It’s also possible to export media to a zip file.

Exporting data is really straightforward: just click on the Export button above the list and select the output format. In the dialog window that appears, enter the output file name. If you have rows selected, only those rows are exported.

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