Sending personalized mass e-mails using Filmchief Mailroom


This article describes how to use Mailroom. With Mailroom, you can create personalized mass e-mails.


The Mailroom module is only available to festivals with a Premium Filmchief license.

By default, you need one or more of the following Roles to work with Mailroom: Administrator, Programmer or Guest service.

Getting started

Mailroom uses Lists to define mail recipients. Please familiarize yourself with working with Lists first, before working with Mailroom.

Before setting up a personalized mass mailing, you need:

  • A Style template to define general appearance of the e-mail. You can use the standard Festival template, or create one yourself (see the tab Style templates on the Mailroom page).
  • A Recipient list. This can be any List of People, Films, or Accreditations.\
  • Optionally, a Message template to define the contents (subject and body) of your e-mail. If you don’t want to use a message template, you can compose your e-mail in the Mail job.

Now that you’re all set, click on New in the Mail jobs tab.

In the dialog that appears, you can define the Mail job:

NameName of the Mail job, e.g. ‘Selected filmmakers 2021’.
DecriptionDescription of the Mail job, for internal reference. It is recommended to describe the purpose of the Mail job, and who is in charge of it.
Style templateSelect which Style template to use in this mailing.
Message templateOptionally, select which Message template to use in this mailing. You can leave this blank to compose a custom message. You can customize the mail subject and body later on.
Recipient listSelect a List that defines your mail recipients. If you’re using a Message template, you can only select Lists with a corresponding same base table (e.g. Films). You may choose to leave this blank for now, and select one later.
SenderThis defines the To and Reply-to fields of your e-mail. By default, only your festival’s primary e-mail address is available. Contact to create more senders.
SubjectThe Subject section of your e-mail.
E-mail contentThe Body section of your e-mail. To personalize the message, use the icon in the toolbar to insert fields.
Auto-send Check to automatically send e-mails to all recipients in your Recipient list.

Important notes when auto-send is enabled:

E-mails are sent to all contacts in your Recipient list immediately after you have created the Mail job.

If you add recipients to your Recipients list later on, they will also automatically receive the e-mail.

Once you have created a Mail job, click Open to show its details page.

Managing your Mail job

The Mail job details page consists of two panels: Mail job details and Recipients.

Mail job details

On this panel, you can edit the properties your Mail job. Most of the fields you see here are described above.

To see how your e-mail looks from the receiving end, click on the Send preview to ... button to let Filmchief send you a preview copy to the e-mail address associated with your Filmchief account.


This panel offers a live overview of the Mail job’s processing status. The pie chart displays how many e-mails are queued, sent, bounced or skipped. You can click on any section of the pie chart to filter the recipients table below.

The recipients table shows the status of each of your recipients. Depending on the current status, the Info column offers individual actions, including:

  • Confirm: Send a single queued e-mail to its recipient (only applicable if auto-send is disabled)
  • Preview: Preview the personalized instance of a queued e-mail
  • Exclude: Exclude a specific recipient from your mailing.
  • View sent e-mail: View the personalized copy of a sent e-mail
  • Try again: If an e-mail has bounced, you can retry sending it (plase make sure you have verified/corrected the recipient’s e-mail address)

Mailing directly from your festival domain

To prevent your e-mails from being flagged as spam, Filmchief sends from and uses the Reply-to field to let recipients know who the Sender is.

For more professional-looking e-mails, it’s possible to authorize Filmchief to send e-mails on behalf of your festival. This way, Filmchief could send e-mails from the official address, and no longer needs to rely on a custom Reply-to field.

To set this up, you need access to your festival’s DNS records - please have your IT staff contact about this.


Please use Mailroom with care. By using Mailroom, you assume full responsibility for the e-mails you send to your contacts. ThisWayUp won’t be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, or consequential damages resulting from erroneously sent e-mails.

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